Calling all Ministry Partners

Dear Ministry Partner,

All being well you should now have received the latest copy of Sounding Out in which you will read our intention to switch from posting out a bi-monthly CD to providing access to an audio file on our website. We hope that for the majority this will be a straightforward switch, but of course if you have particular difficulty accessing the internet, please do contact us so we can make provision for you.

There are a number of Ministry Partners on our mailing list for whom we do not have an email address. It is essential that we have this to ensure that we can give you future access to the bi-monthly audio file. Please contact us with your current email address as soon as possible. Send an email to us at and please include your name, address and postcode. If you are happy for us to contact you by phone then please supply this too.

Once we have your email address we will let you know when the Ministry Partners area of our website ‘goes live’ and how to access it.

We greatly value your support for Good News Broadcasting Association and your help with this transition. God bless.