The future for Good News Broadcasting Association

You may know that GNBA has been blessed in the past by having generous reserves which has meant that for many years we have been able to sustain the ministry and step out in new ventures even though our income has been far less than our out-goings. But obviously, living off reserves can only last so long and the time has now come for decisive action.

Following our latest independent examination, we now know that if donations remain at the same level they are now, we have around one year left as a charity – unless the Lord intervenes miraculously. God has provided for GNBA for over 60 years and we have been through seasons of plenty and seasons of difficulty before. But God has not promised that this ministry will continue indefinitely – there is a time for everything.

I feel as though we have a lot more to do, and I’m passionate to continue serving the Lord with GNBA. I am not fearful but trust Him for the future. God’s ways are not our ways, as Isaiah 55 reminds us. With all this in mind, I was editing Bible Focus and I noticed that the intro music is called Small Bright Flame. I must have seen this hundreds and hundreds of times before but on this occasion it really stood out. These three words describe well what I think this next season needs to look like for GNBA.

GNBA needs to be smaller and we need to cut back significantly on costs. This will likely impact where we focus our broadcasting in the future and also where we are based. The recent lockdown has shown me what I and other staff can do from home if necessary. We will be smaller but still a bright flame for the Lord.

I believe GNBA is a ministry that punches above its weight. Our complete yearly outgoings are less than many charities’ advertising budget alone! Compared to other radio ministries we have a fraction of their resources and a fraction of their supporters, but we try to be faithful with and grateful for what we have. The programmes that we produce are good quality and we know they are a blessing to many believers across the UK and Africa.

But we really need your help if we are going to continue the work. Would you consider giving financially to GNBA, particularly if you don’t already give? We have a database of 1800 people and around 200 of these give regularly to the ministry. I ask this well aware that for many people the lockdown could bring challenges financially. But if you would consider becoming a Ministry Partner this would help us greatly as we seek to teach the Bible through radio..

I am excited for what this next season will bring. We will have to trust God for His provision in a way we haven’t had to over the last decade. Also it will bring a greater focus and clarity to what we do. Please do pray for me, the board and the staff at this time.

And thank you for your interest and involvement with GNBA. I really appreciate it.