How to tune in


The easiest way to listen to our programmes is to visit the Listen Now page of our website where you can listen to any of our programmes at any time, and of course you can access our website by computer, tablet or smartphone.

Digital Radio

Premier Christian Radio is on national DAB and anyone with a digital radio should be able to tune in. Look for DAB Premier on your radio.

Local Radio

We broadcast on FM and Medium Wave radio through local Christian stations in the UK.  Look at our schedule to see if there is a station in your area.


If you have a smartphone you can also listen to GNBA programmes using the free TWR-UK app.



Anyone with Sky or Freeview HD can listen to GNBA through Trans World Radio UK.  See our schedule for channels and times.



Our podcasts, 1st Friday and Word Alive can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify and many more as well as on their website pages: 1st Friday and Word Alive.