We currently have a small number of evangelistic leaflets and booklets to which we hope to add more in the future. Please watch this space for new additions. You can read all of the literature online – just use the links below. If you would like to send any of the items to a friend you can share the links with them or contact us at to request printed copies. All of the literature and the accompanying videos are written and produced by GNBA Director, Tom Ward.

Is Christmas Cancelled? is a short tract reminding us of the real reason for Christmas and encouraging us to take time to consider God’s purpose in sending Jesus. Ideal to pop in a Christmas Card. Printed copy is A6 size (105mm x 148mm). Is Christmas Cancelled?

The Neglected Nativity is a longer booklet aimed at those who want to know more about the Gospel. Printed copy is A6 size (105mm x 148mm). The Neglected Nativity

The Neglected Nativity is also available as an audiobook. You can listen online here or email us to request a copy of the MP3.

The Weekend That Changed The World is a short tract which simply explains the good news of the gospel and what happened that first Easter weekend. Printed copy is 100mm x 105mm. The Weekend That Changed The World

The Weekend That Changed The World is also accompanied by a video message in which the Easter message is explained more fully. You can watch it here.