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in the Middle East!

UPDATE: Financial restraints are currently preventing Voice of Hope broadcasting any programmes in the Middle East. Please pray with us that they would soon be able to get back on air. Pray also that God would open doors to broadcast GNBA programmes in the Middle East and further afield. Any gifts already received will be set aside for broadcasting outside the UK.

We have an exciting opportunity to broadcast in the Holy Land but we need your help!

In 2016 GNBA supporters raised £9000 to send solar powered radios to Africa. Could you help us raise this amount again? £9000 will enable us to broadcast Word Alive in the Middle East for two years!

Should we be able to raise the funds, Word Alive would be broadcast by Voice of Hope whose station operates from Lake Galilee.

With the ability to reach over 40 million people they have audiences in northern Israel, Lebanon and Syria and the frequency can even be heard as far as Spain, Germany, Finland and India.

We would love GNBA to have a part in supporting Christians in these places and sharing the gospel with the many Muslims who are searching for the truth.

How much we raise will determine how long we can broadcast for. Finances at GNBA continue to be a serious concern but we still want to step out in faith, trusting God to provide as we seek to reach the world with the gospel. Will you help us?

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