What our listeners are saying…

It’s so encouraging to hear from our listeners.  If you’ve listened and been blessed or challenged by a particular programme or message we’d love to hear from you.  Perhaps you have a story about what Christian radio means to you – if so, please share it with us.

Here are a handful of recent comments from our listeners.

“I appreciate those messages I was listening to today and I would appreciate these messages on CD very much.  Thank you. God bless.”   David

“I accidentally found Premier radio and heard last Saturday’s half hour talk by Stephen Thompson.  It totally impacted me and stopped me in my tracks and made me cry. Am struggling with faith and what was said hit home.  I will listen again tomorrow night as I felt the man spoke truth to my heart and I thank him for that.”  Vicki

 “I love the broadcast, it never fails to bless me.”  Christopher

 “I really appreciate and value the strong, clear, Spirit led, Bible based teaching available from GNBA on the radio. Returning to faith, listening secretly on the radio three years ago, and fully committing to a relationship with Jesus after a lapse of twenty four years, I had a lot of repenting of the consequences and guilt of the years away to deal with. GNBA has really helped guide and support me. I now attend a good Spirit filled, Bible based local church and miraculously my husband has joined me and we both enjoy and benefit from the ongoing ministry of GNBA speaking directly into my life, now happily restored with the Lord.”  Elaine

 “I have learned so much from the series on the Communion, Baptism, etc by Tim Chester on Premier Christian Radio. He has some insights I had never heard highlighted before!”  Onesimus