Our Programmes

Word Alive
A weekly 30-minute Bible teaching programme to encourage and equip believers with the truths of the gospel. Regularly featuring GNBA Director, Tom Ward, and occasionally guest Bible teachers from around the UK. To tune in, see our radio guide. The programme is also added to our website each Saturday at 7.00am or you can subscribe to the Word Alive podcast and never miss an episode!

Bible Focus
Ten minutes every weekday exploring the Bible one verse at a time, and applying it to our lives. A variety of Bible teachers contribute to this programme. See our radio guide or listen on our website where programmes are added daily at 7.00am.

1st Friday
1st Friday is a monthly vodcast with Tom Ward and Stuart Reynolds. On the first Friday of every month they focus on a specific topic to discuss ‘through the lens of the Bible’. Broadcast on RTN TV, the GNBA YouTube Channel and as a podcast.

The Everlasting Way
Under 5 minutes long, this evangelistic/apologetic devotional with Tom Ward is available weekly on our website.

The perfect podcast for preachers! Tom interviews preachers from around the UK and asks them to share their stories, wisdom and experience to encourage others in the faithful proclamation of the gospel.