Our Vision

While we believe that it is the role of the local church to teach and to build up Christians in their faith, GNBA’s vision is to supplement this with additional Bible teaching and devotional messages, to encourage and strengthen Christians and to challenge non-Christians. Our programmes can be accessed by the many who are hungry for more teaching, and by those who want an alternative to secular radio.

Our messages are particularly appreciated by those who find it difficult to attend a place of worship due to frailty or ill health, and also by some in prison. We know that Christian radio is accessed by a surprising number of non-believers too and so we aim to encourage them to seek God as they listen in.

We produce programmes from our studio in Manchester which are then broadcast chiefly by local and national stations across the UK and in Africa. The cost of air time is considerable and GNBA is wholly reliant on the generous giving of our supporters to fund the production and broadcast of our programmes.

As times change, we are broadening our reach by producing video content for Christian TV and YouTube and providing some of our programmes as podcasts.

Receiving feedback from our listeners week by week we are encouraged that God is using GNBA to get His Word into places only radio can go, speaking to hearts and meeting the needs of His people. Please help us continue the work by supporting us prayerfully and financially as a Ministry Partner.