The beginnings of Good News Broadcasting Association are rooted in Back to the Bible, a ministry founded by radio evangelist Theodore Epp in the United States in 1939.  As Back to the Bible grew, bases were established in other countries.  The UK base opened in Reading in 1954 under the leadership of early Directors Gilbert Vinden and Ninian Lowis.

In 1976 Director David Oram oversaw the transition of Good News Broadcasting Association from part of a global ministry to an autonomous and independent UK charity, though still maintaining strong links with Back to the Bible.

GNBA eventually outgrew its premises in Reading and moved to Bawtry, Nottinghamshire in 1989 where the radio work continued as well as an extensive literature and audio cassette ministry.

GNBA initiated the opening of a Polish office in 1993 with Henryk Dedo who remains its Director today.  The two ministries operate independently yet a strong bond still exists.

1995 saw the retirement of David Oram. He was followed by Directors Sam Gordon, Nick Thompson and Derek Stringer who continued teaching the Bible on the air waves, around the UK and beyond.

In January 2006 GNBA received a generous legacy enabling the purchase of its own property in Ranskill, Nottinghamshire.   When Derek Stringer retired after ten years of service to GNBA he was succeeded by current Director, Tom Ward.

In 2018 the decision was taken to sell the property in Ranskill. This both released capital to sustain the ministry and, by moving the office to Manchester, increased the opportunities to connect with other ministries and organisations. Today Good News Broadcasting Association continues to produce Christian radio programmes, podcasts and videos week by week from this base in Manchester.  Please pray for us as we look to the future and meet the challenges ahead, that God will continue to use GNBA to teach the Bible through media and to change hearts and lives.